Our Services

Supportive and innovative care is our passion; we promote positive lifestyle changes with personalised and targeted advice.


Individual Consultations

We offer individualised medical nutrition therapy and dietary counselling sessions as well as individual Diabetes Education sessions. Individual consultations offer a way to personalise your care and develop solutions that best suite your individual lifestyle and needs. We offer Individual consultations at many locations across Townsville and North Queensland or as home visits if required.

Individual consultations are covered by most private health funds as we are registered with Medicare Australia.

NDIS, Medicare, DVA and GP management plans

Allied Health Solutions is a registered NDIS Provider and is proud to be able to offer fully bulk billed services for patients who are currently managed under an appropriate GP management plan at participating locations. We are also registered to provide services with the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). Concessions can be made for patients who are experiencing financial hardship; please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Corporate Services

Good health helps good work! Allied Health Solutions offers many workplace programs that help build teamwork while improving wellness, engagement and supporting healthy lifestyle habits in the workplace.

Allied Health Solutions also provides professional consultations; such as menu reviews and food service management programs.

We strive to ensure that our workplace and corporate services are practical and flexible to meet the individual needs of the workplace and client. One strategy we have effectively used in the past is a ‘speed dating’ style approach; essentially interested employees participate in 10-15 minute 'speed' dietetic consultation with our dietitians allowing for quick personalised advice while making efficient use of time.


Group programs

Groups can be the best place to learn something new. They also offer a great opportunity to play with food!

Group sessions provide great opportunities to learn skills, share ideas and be supported to make positive changes that will benefit overall health. Allied Health Solutions runs a number of group programs through the year and we are always happy to hear new ideas for a group program. We love to make our group sessions as hands on and practical as possible. Nothing gets people talking and thinking more effectively than playing with food!

Contact us to find out what is coming up soon in your area or if you have an idea for a group session or program that you would like to see run.

Allied Health Solutions at your Centre

Allied Health Solutions provides services from many GP and Allied Health centres across Townsville and North Queensland. By coming to your centre we can work directly with your GP to achieve best outcomes while also meeting you in a convenient and familiar place.

If you are a GP or medical centre and would like Allied Health Solutions to provide services at your location, we would love to hear from you.

We can help

Our Accredited Practising Dietitians (APD) can provide dietary education and medical nutrition therapy for a variety of health conditions; some of which you can learn more about by tapping the boxes below. Everyone can benefit from the advice of a dietitian; Allied Health Solutions' APDs can support individuals to optimise their diets for overall health and wellbeing.